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Take our interactive yoga mat quiz to find the best yoga mat specifically for you.

Why is this quiz helpful?

Different types of yoga require different types of yoga mats. For example, hot yoga and slow-flow vinyasa require very different types of yoga mats.

Our quiz asks you diagnostic questions and then filters down which mat is right for you.

Click the link below to try our quiz today!

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If you process information better visually, a YouTube video walkthrough of our yoga mat diagnostic narrated by the owner of Tomuno is linked below otherwise for those who process better through text please read on!

My name is Rob. I am the owner of Tomuno.

Tomuno was the #1 rated yoga mat on Amazon but we no longer sell yoga mats sadly … I’m here today to recommend some of our competitors as painful (ha ha sort of) as that is to me.

I take great pride in saying Tomuno was known as a ‘yoga studio’ brand. We were sold by some of the nicest, kindest yoga studio owners on planet Earth and it still makes me very happy to remember those fun days.

As you can imagine I spent an incredible amount of (happy) time helping people find what exactly was the perfect, best yoga mat for their particular practice and also if I may be so bold I had the privilege of spending a lot of time educating yoga studio owners on different aspects of yoga mat performance!

Lululemon? Manduka? Jade? Gaiam? Which mat is right for you?


To help yogis find the right, best yoga mat for their personal needs please find below an infographic which summarizes a lot of what I learned about yoga mats over the years. Do you have comments? Am I wrong? PLEASE LET ME KNOW and drop a comment! My goal is to always be learning and improving. Please let me know if I am wrong! 🙂

The most important thing is to pick the right raw material…

After that we suggest brands…

Let our ‘Best Yoga Mat Infographic Ever’ guide you to the yoga mat solution of your dreams!

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How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat for Your Specific Practice Infographic

Do you want to share this infographic on your own website? Please feel free to use the embed code below! Thank you for sharing 🙂 !

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Our Recommended Brands

So now that you’ve chosen the right raw material for your ideal yoga mat which brand and model of yoga mat should you buy?

Here below are our latest recommendations. Do you disagree? Have you had a bad experience with a mat we recommended? Please drop a comment below? We really want to know if we are wrong. We continually update our analysis and monitor our competitors’ reviews and customer complaint history to try and find the best yoga mats on the market today.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. #AmazonInfluencer

Our recommended Natural Rubber yoga mat

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Our recommended PVC yoga mat

Gaiam Solid Color Yoga Mat

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