Scared you can’t get your money back? Check out Tomuno’s Karma Warranty. We trust you. We hope you’ll trust us.

100% cash back refund plus free return shipping.

EXTENDED KARMIC WARRANTY: If you ever have an issue you think is reasonable email us at All we ask is that requests be reasonable and please be nice? Natural rubber breaks down over time unlike some plastics. Why not COMPARE OUR WARRANTY to other yoga mat brands? Why is Tomuno so generous? Yoga mats aren’t complicated. They are rectangles of material. We use, in our opinion, the best, most expensive raw material (rubber tree sap). We can afford to offer a great warranty because we offer a great yoga mat.

Tomuno is trying to promote a more empathetic way of doing business in retail and online on places like Amazon. Important: Our manufacturer warranty extends past Amazon’s warranty. To ensure your refund, please email Tomuno directly (not Amazon).

Considering another mat? What is it made of?

No matter where you purchased your Tomuno mat we’ve got you covered! Tomuno’s manufacturer warranty covers you no matter where you purchased your mat. Just email us at with any warranty issues today!

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