Why is rubber for UNHEATED yoga? Is rubber tree sap slippery?
Tomuno is just trying to inject some honesty into yoga mat marketing. Some yoga mat companies don’t mention what their mats are made of or make claims like, “stays grippy in even the hottest yoga practice!” We, respectfully, believe no yoga mat can do this.

Yoga mat grip and cushion depend on the raw material. We do not claim to have any proprietary technology. There are 3 major types of yoga mats: PVC which typically retails for $17, TPE ($40), and then natural rubber ($63+). In our opinion, as you move up in quality tiers, each type of mat provides grip for a higher and higher percent of yogis with natural rubber at the top. No yoga mat raw material can guarantee grip for 100% of yogis though even in unheated yoga.

Yoga teachers say for hot yoga you will need a hot yoga towel. Why buy a nice mat if it is hidden under a towel?

Worried about slipping? If you sort yoga mats by average star rating on Amazon we are typically one of the top mats. But no mat can provide grip for 100% of yogis.

Are you considering another mat? What is it made of?

365 day return policy. Use our mat. Beat it up. It’s ok.
Does your yoga mat do this? We use the best raw materials so we can offer the best return policy. But please be kind with us. Rubber wears down unlike some plastics. We are trying to promote a more empathetic way of selling on Amazon.

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